Credit Card App-O-Rama

Over the past 6 months I’ve accumulated over 600,000 hotel and airline points. I recently booked a 1 week trip to kauai and a 2 week trip to europe using mostly points. Below are the credit cards and bonuses I received.

Southwest Chase Card: 50,000 miles
2xAA Credit Cards: 150,000 miles
Chase Sapphire Preferred 50,000 points
Starwood Preferred Guest AMEX: 30,000 points
AMEX Platinum: 50,000 points
CITI Thank You Premier: 100,000(targeted)
Chase freedom: 30,000 points
Chase Marriott: 70,000 points + 1 free night
Fidelity Investments: 100,000 miles(50k AA, 50k delta)
TD Ameritrade investment 20,000 SPG Points

Total: 645,000 points and miles

Travel is much more fun when its almost free! My credit score dropped a few points, but after paying the full balance every month it is going back up. I’ve been putting lots of expenses on my wedding to meet minimum spending requirements. I’ve been able to save over $10,000 on travel so far and you can too! Leave a comment or question if you need help. I will be blogging about on how I planned my two trips for almost free.


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