12 nights in 60 days = Diamond status.

I received Hilton gold status a while ago when they were handing it out for free through a visa signature website. Hyatt will status match Hilton gold to Hyatt diamond if you complete 12 nights within 60 days. The nice thing about the challenge is you will receive the perks right away. The perks include free breakfast/free club access with unlimited snacks and soft drinks, better rooms, 4pm checkout, food/beverage amenity or 1000 points and sometimes free parking or spa access. The basic breakdown of hotels we stayed in to get Diamond status for a year is as follows:

Hyatt Santa Barbara
Hyatt Manchester San Diego
Hyatt Huntington beach
Hyatt irvine
Hyatt Monterey regency

Overall, we collected about 100k points with the Hyatt 1Q promotion, challenge bonuses, amenity bonus, and diamond bonus points. We received discounted rates and spent about $1600 in hotels. It’s a big investment but we were able to book two nights at Kauai poipu Hyatt ($500 a night) and three nights at park Hyatt Paris (800-1k a night). We also had a good time staying at the hotels during our diamond trial. We used a few suite upgrades and received a presidential suite at the Manchester Hyatt San Diego and a nice suite next to the golf course in Monterey.20120626-211524.jpg20120525-144613.jpg20120626-211545.jpg20120626-211607.jpg20120626-211622.jpg20120626-211700.jpg


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