Day 1 Dusseldorf Germany

After our flight we checked into the Sheraton airport hotel booked using 4000 points and cash. We then took the s-banh train into town. The main station seemed crowded but after we started walking downtown it seemed sort of like a ghost town because most shops close on Sundays.

Once we got to old town Altstadt, it was filled with bars everywhere. We weren’t hungry so I had a bratwurst and Jamie had a pretzel. They were decent. We checked out the town and headed back and got lost a couple times. We did not know there was an underground subway and an above ground train. Once we got back we knocked out and hopped onto the plane to Rome at 915.

Our flight was uneventful but we were able to use the Hugo Junkers lounge due to my priority pass lounge access. There wasn’t too much there besides yogurt, drinks, and beer. To be continued.






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